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Educational Sonic Games

Peter Knetter
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Support on Patreon: One might wonder why a 23- year-old-man would want to play every educational Sonic game, but the truth is, my math, reading, and spelling skills are that of an unborn-child. Long story short, I have to play these games to get my high-school diploma. NOTE: No copies of Sonic’s Schoolhouse were harmed in the making of this video.

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  1. Surprisingly Sega hasn't sued leapfrog yet

  2. 7:11 Dude That's Sonic!! On My SEGA didj didj didj 10:51 Peter: YAY!!!! 14:23 Sonic: Oh I'm Gonna Run All The Way Too The End Hehe Oh My Bad Sorry 14:27 Peter: 😐 You Just Ran All The Way Too The End And Then You… Don't Show Off

  3. How educational is it from the fact it was next to halo reach and COD

  4. I am pretty sure Sonic School house also inspired Baldi’s basics

  5. Peter: and this is just sonic just racing and this is baby sonic-
    Me: sending you a text that he is coming to your house

  6. I remember watching this in 2021 when i was a k-i-d-. Good Times.

  7. My favorite quotes: “Who even liked Robotnik💀,” “Why would they put domestic violence in a Sonic game,” and “Y A A a a a A a Y”

  8. I don’t like Mario I think it’s not very creative

  9. Eating world sonic tail🚦 not hell the worlds big says:

    What does dizzy and is in the saw the game it's OK so that I'm leaving।

  10. Eating world sonic tail🚦 not hell the worlds big says:

    Ti না

  11. the name of the bird is not jet is flicky i think

  12. gotta ask, whats the music during the pinball part?

  13. I played Sonic spinball and plot twist it's like tails in The Music Makers percussion pinball

  14. I laughed so hard when Amy said yay it’s so funny it’s like a
    kid girl voice

  15. "Press the jump button to shoot Sonic." The line itself, and the lifeless delivery just gets me. 🤣

  16. My friend: ego intellego. quomodo hoc faciam?
    Me: pico

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