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Educational Sonic Games

Peter Knetter
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Support on Patreon: One might wonder why a 23- year-old-man would want to play every educational Sonic game, but the truth is, my math, reading, and spelling skills are that of an unborn-child. Long story short, I have to play these games to get my high-school diploma. NOTE: No copies of Sonic’s Schoolhouse were harmed in the making of this video.

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  1. Why is sonic school house game like baldis basics

  2. Can you see?

    There's nothing for me to see!

    Can feel the badlands on here?

    Today, It makes me want to die!

    Best song ever

  3. Rando's stuff (formerly Rando Toons) says:

    concussion pinball

  4. 7:22 looks like the people who made sonic 06 😭😭😂😂

  5. sega pico = reaching pizza

    trust me its real

  6. Who doesn’t have a disc drive in their computer

  7. sonics schoolhouse is literally just Baldis Basics but with Sonic

  8. Why do I keep hearing yay it’s kind of funny I hear that

  9. "Spell the word Dead."
    "That's not… family-friendly…"

  10. When I watched Ur channel, I started to like sonic

  11. Why did the 2nd sonic game made you spell dead

  12. LOL the Sega Pico is not a refrigerator

  13. Please play the lion king pico game please

  14. the monkey will definitely be in my nightmares tonight

  15. "Peper played the game for another half-hour only to find that it was incomplete with no ending.
    He should have known since it was an unfinished game SCREWEYEWYBEGEWY "

  16. amy’s YaY never gets old to me😂

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