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Factory Balls Forever Cool Math Games

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More than 12 years ago, the Belgian game developer Bart Bonte launched a simple game be name Factory Balls. This is a sequel of that game, with more complex levels, a multitude of diverse objects, and so on. You need to put on a ball a variety of objects and then lower it into a bucket of paint. The paint does not fall on the ball under the object and paints only its visible part. Thus, you need to make the pattern shown on the box. The game is taken from the site Cool Math Games.


  1. This one to me was the hardest in the series.

  2. I like how this person is watching a video of the game.

  3. Gracias, ahora puedo competir con los amigos :3

  4. gracias al fin me pase ese juego
    thank you finally got me that game
    obrigado finalmente consegui esse jogo
    grazie, finalmente mi hai regalato quel gioco
    merci j'ai enfin eu ce jeu
    תודה סוף סוף השגת לי את המשחק הזה

    takk, endelig fikk jeg det spillet
    спасибо наконец-то нашел эту игру
    mahadsanid ugu danbayn ciyaartaas ayaad i heshay
    webale kusembyeyo okunfunira omuzannyo ogwo

  5. 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 sisisisiisisisi

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