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Fareed Haque’s MathGames! on Audiotree Live (Full Session)

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(ARCHIVE RELEASE) Fareed Haque’s MathGames! perform on Audiotree Live, December 12, 2013.

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  1. Incredible playing! Right up there with anyone you care to mention. A complete master.

  2. Fearless playing! Hugely innovative and melodic! Great stuff.

  3. Why does she seem like she doesn't want to be there? haha

  4. This is great!! I've been looking for more contemporary jazz-influenced groups with a lil time signature experimentation to get into! Thank you (:

  5. I like Fareed's trad jazz stuff (check out his trio doing Grant Green's "Miss Ann's Tempo"). This is my first listen to MathGames. Very cool. I like that a lot of the more traditional jazz element remains along with the electronics and other contemporary elements. Nice stuff. Great playing.

  6. there is just something about fareed, he is just simply amazing, no words needed to describe his playing

  7. Fareed is also a great educator. Check out his TrueFire courses.

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