Fire Boy and Water Girl 5: Elements Walkthrough Cool Math Games -

Fire Boy and Water Girl 5: Elements Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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A fiery boy and a water girl fell into the land again. From here they can only get together, solving puzzles and helping each other. Each of the characters can pass on a certain surface on which the other character dies. In addition, the ice two can jump on the icy surface on which the boy simply glides. Playing of course is more convenient and interesting together. The game has quite a few levels, but they are not very difficult. The game is taken from the site Cool Math Games


  1. ☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹☹…….I want to play it

  2. gosh! me and my cousin are adicct in this games.Fireboy and Watergirl on hudgames so cool

  3. I remember playing this game 6 years ago I think but the eyes still creep me out

  4. Ahh… I remember years ago, when my cousin came to America. We used to play flash game together, especially this one. I'd always be Fireboy and he'd be Watergirl. Now he's a grown adult in college, and I'm just some kid stuck in the past. Oh well… Thanks for the nostalgia trip. :).Fireboy and Watergirl so good game on hudgames

  5. Playing fireboy and watergirl is a wonderful experience. Thanks for hudgames goldy games.

  6. They say you should try fireboy and watergirl 1 at least once so I came to hudgames. What a great game!

  7. This brings back memories of my childhood 🙂

  8. I played this game when I was in grade school

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