Fission Ball - Math Games (Freeplay, Original) -

Fission Ball – Math Games (Freeplay, Original)

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Fission Ball is a very interesting casual game. In the game, you can launch the ball through the barrel. The ball can pass through doubled items, swallowed items, and subtracted items to increase or decrease the ball. Your ultimate goal is to break the obstacle at the endpoint. If the obstacle at the endpoint drops to 0, then you will pass the level. Come and try.
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How to play:
1. Move the barrel left and right
2. The ball will be launched automatically
3. When encountering multiple items, it will be doubled
4. When encountering swallowed items, it will disappear
5. When encountering subtraction items, it will also disappear
6. Encountering obstacles at the end will reduce the number
7. If the number of obstacles at the end drops to 0, pass the level

Game features:
1. Lots of unique levels
2. Cool art design
3. Smooth experience
4. The ball full of the screen, uncompress and relax
5. Free games

We are looking forward to getting feedback from all of you! Please leave your reviews, so we can keep making the game even better.


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