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Free Math Games for Kids

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Who says math can be fun? We do! Addition, division, and even factors can be an enjoyable activity with Math Nook’s large collection of free, interactive math games for kids.

Choose from more than 30 different skills ranging from geometry to money to rounding to measurements. Most games offer a range of skill levels from easy to hard so you know that there will always be a new challenge right around the corner.’s games are all free to play. You don’t have to create an account or share any private information to enjoy the creative games on our website. Our mission is to provide a fun platform for children to learn critical math skills using interactive, unique games.

In addition to our math games, Math Nook also offers fun puzzles and brain teasers that are all free-to-play. Help Max cause lots of trouble in Max Damage, a popular points based puzzle game with an unusual twist.

At Math Nook we are all about math, but we know math is not a priority for kids. That’s why we wrap it all up in a fun, friendly game. Math Nook is making math fun again!

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