Free Math Games for Your Whole Family: Beast Academy Playground -

Free Math Games for Your Whole Family: Beast Academy Playground

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Math skills are especially important to learn, but most kids, mine included, don’t love doing math problem after math problem everyday. That’s why I am thrilled that I found free math games to use with my kids to work on math skill development. Even my preschooler can play most of these games, making them a perfect addition to our homeschool day.

Luckily I found Beast Academy Playground, which has lots of engaging math games. These games are offered for free by the creators of Beast Academy, which is a comic-based math program for kids 6-13. However, the free math games available in the Beast Academy Playground can be played by kids as young as 4+. This is perfect for my family because my five-year-old constantly wants to do what his big brothers are doing. Plus, my kids have enjoyed the games so much that they don’t mind practicing their math skills.

In this video, you’ll see my family playing several of the free math games offered at Beast Academy playground. If you’d like to check out Beast Academy Playground, you can find it here:

If you’d like to read more about my family’s experience with Beast Academy Playground games, you can find that here on my blog:

Math skills are important for children to learn and continue to practice. However, few kids enjoy worksheet after worksheet full of math problems. They’d rather be playing. Combining their learning with play makes a nice balance of practicing their math skills in a fun way. You’ll build problem-solving confidence when you make math time play time!

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  1. Which game do you think will be your family's favorite?

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