FUN Math Games for Kids! New Challenge! -

FUN Math Games for Kids! New Challenge!

Captain Encouragement
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Fun interactive math games that kids can take part in from home! Fun and exciting video teaching math education in a video game format! ★ SUBSCRIBE to my channel ?

The newest episode of Captain Encouragement TV, “Math Mission from Space with Captain Encouragement”. Join our hero on his escapade as he travels into space to take on the army of Frown bots. The only way to deactivate these villains is to use math skills at different levels! He needs help from the young heroes watching, when you see the numbers pop up on the screen, shout out the answer to help Captain Encouragement navigate the levels! This is a fun game for all of you young heroes out there to learn the amazing skill of solving math problems. Through this episode, young heroes will learn the power of subtraction, addition and basic math skills!

Ask for parent or guardian permission to download the following worksheets:

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