Game Theory: The Cool Math Games ARG Goes To Some Dark Places... -

Game Theory: The Cool Math Games ARG Goes To Some Dark Places…

The Game Theorists
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Do you guys remember CoolMath The website that everyone was able to sneak onto during class because it had “Math” in the title? Cool Math Games is home to some classic flash games that will take you RIGHT back to your middle school days, but more importantly than that… it’s home to a new ARG that has all sorts of twists and turns, so let’s all grab our calculators because something here doesn’t add up!
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  1. Wait a second is'nt that same shown in fnaf

  2. Has any of these arg's that you've decided to take on ever been solved or come to a conclusion? Or do you have a look at them and they stay unsolved for ever?

  3. At first I thought it was a new theme song (which it should be).

  4. day 1: game theory about "Slay the Princess"

  5. Haha, giving that shoutout to the song was so awesome

  6. 7:33 you're meaning to tell me that you noticed the URL before the wall of binary or the glitchy text…

  7. Didn't expect pat to drop this fire track collab

  8. sometimes i forget that the things matpat makes theories about are NOT REAL😭😭
    (the ending i forgot it wasnt real)

  9. Day 2 of asking for a “Oneshot” play trough / video

  10. not gonna lie, that chorus sucked, what happened to our rock for game theory :c

  11. THE FACT THAT I PLAYED A GAME WHERE, you started the game in a forest. You had 3 ways each path would have balloons, when you foung a balloon you had to guess a word, if you got it wrong you would go back to the beginning but the balloons would have the same word. the red balloon word is death? i stopped playing the game after that because the name of the game was really weird.

  12. I am BEGGING you to do the light path!

  13. THE BEAST??? = MR. BEAST??? = SATAN??? Think about it 🤣 Is that why Mr. Beast is so popular??? An embodiment of addictive nature 🤔 I may really be onto something!

  14. One of my friends played the game that game it was weird and not scary not the hang man it did not make sense and was not a game when I played it and was

  15. Yeah, I hate the new theme song what about something more original like the classic version

  16. My friend found the picture and translated it

  17. So happy that you did a on video cool math games

  18. Hey Matpat great video as always but i just heard the song and it's A MASTERPIECE but is a problem if I remeber every theory he said? (i'm not american or british so my english isn't perfect but you you remain my favorite youtuber❤)

  19. Theorizing about balloon boy without it being FNAF is TRIPPY…

  20. I thought that the song was gonna be the new intro and I got super sad thank goodness

  21. MATPAT YOU MISSED SOMETHING!!!! This might not be a big deal but it also could mean something so idk. But on the 2nd hang man you do on each screen (the ones where you find “sight, descend, other, appear) if you were to press space before guessing any letter you would get a different hangman!

  22. Next Theory: The evil lore behind The Game Theorists

  23. dude i though i was the only one who was playing this game i made a lot of progress than one day gone

  24. great theory! sort of gives doki doki literature club XD

  25. so I guess Matt pat did watched my hangman theory comment

    anyway thanx matpat

  26. Ngl, that song brought me back to the times when indie horror game songs were being made left and right!

  27. Man I'm always playing cool math games in class 😅

  28. That new music vid cameo is nice!

    Like that "Pokemon Masters are broke!" from days past.

  29. MatPat: The beast refers to one pop culture & religion character
    Me: Wait, since when did the beast from Beauty & the Beast have his own religion? Is there a Disney cult I don't know about?


  31. i cant believe mat said ''coolmathgames'' ''theory'' and ''bible'' in the same video

  32. This will be the only Math webiste i will be excited to go to

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