Game Theory: The Cool Math Games ARG Goes To Some Dark Places... -

Game Theory: The Cool Math Games ARG Goes To Some Dark Places…

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Do you guys remember CoolMath The website that everyone was able to sneak onto during class because it had “Math” in the title? Cool Math Games is home to some classic flash games that will take you RIGHT back to your middle school days, but more importantly than that… it’s home to a new ARG that has all sorts of twists and turns, so let’s all grab our calculators because something here doesn’t add up!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Mike Keenan (The Pokémon Biologist) , and Tom Robinson
Editors: Dan “Cybert” Seibert, Tyler Mascola, KL Allen and Warak
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
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  1. folks we got a coolmathgames theory before GTA6

  2. Very odd way to promote a low-effort learning site from the 90s that everyone’s practically forgotten abt…

  3. “But Miss, the games are about maths!!!”

  4. im sorry, the cool math games ARG!?

  5. Kids in my school play this game in class. I stopped playing cause to laggy and to many ads. Can’t believe it has a ARG

  6. Mat! You need to make a video on the game prior extinction on Roblox it’s a very fun survival game that’s all, or is it?

  7. I went to the website and inspect but I didn't see any message

  8. Since when did Cool Math Games have an ARG

  9. Imagine being conquered by a black little guy with a derpy face

  10. i found it. it said search monster found myself escape darkness or the more use fol is search found escape

  11. I actually played the game and solved the puzzles before you did (well it was only the game and the glitchy page before that)

  12. If you love args Shorts wars season 2 is out

  13. “The beast of the earth” is the Anti-Christ

  14. Aw geez i didnt know this theory was actually about fuhnaph!!

  15. Huh, how very interesting, seems to be the case.

  16. Cool math games got banned from my school 😭😭😭

  17. When the song started playing, my toddler began jamming to it

  18. Actually the Beast's name is Daigo Umehara lol

  19. What’s your favorite game from Cool Math? Mine was Jack Smith.

  20. Nostalgia hit hard with this one. R.I.P. Adobe flash…

  21. I have unblocked my school computer and still play coolmathgames!

  22. Anyone who played on cool math games knows the goat of all gaming… Moo the cow spinning game.

  23. What is this game called, and is it still available?

  24. Lore confirmed: Maddy is Alphy's sister.

  25. The worst part is I played this game in English class with my friends, I had no clue iT had deeper meaning lol.

  26. Do a vid on the
    Duolingo Lore “Living with Lilly”

  27. I tried to guess what matpat would say next and i had this funny exchange.

    Matpat: The beast relates to one figure over the whole of pop culture

    Me: Mr Beast

    Matpat: SATAN

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