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Gameschooling Math | Math Games for Your Homeschool

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We’re big fans of gameschooling! Learning through gameplay is a great way to get real-world practice, engage reluctant learners, and have fun together as a family. Join us this week for a gameschooling by subject series.

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  1. One maths game we enjoy is Mathical Creatures. I love the look of those maths dominoes! We have Quixx, love it. We also have the addition and subtraction maths war game, my son loved it.

  2. I think I’m going to try some of these games. My son is struggling with math right now. He’s doing the good and the beautiful and also acellus online but he is just not retaining the information for either program.

  3. Did you see there is a Sleeping Queens 2 now?

  4. Thanks for the great video! Another few math games that are great are Flux math, mathematical liar, and Tapes!

  5. My son loves fraction war and Blobby’s Pizza! He also really loves Zoom. I like it because it can involve higher multiplication, like 20×15. We also love Yahtzee, Making Change, Osmo Pizza, fraction dominoes, and algebra dominoes.

    We have 2 Rush games but I couldn’t figure out how to play it.

  6. We have been liking Tiny Polka Dot and Check the Oven

  7. Adsumudi is my son’s favorite. He is 10. Multiplication math war really helped learning his facts. Quixx is my favorite.

  8. Just remembered your channel despite putting you as a reference on my wall! XD So glad to see another video!

  9. Rich dad CASHFLOW game, The Entrepreneur game too.

  10. My game list keeps growing! 😀

    Where did you get the storage piece that you have all the card and dominoes pieces in? I love that!

  11. Zeus on the Loose is one of our favorites!

  12. Thank you as always this was outstanding.

  13. This couldn't have come at a more perfect timing. Christmas is coming so I sent this video to my sister and told her to pick some games out for the kids and i would buy it. Hopefully there are more to come!

  14. Where did you find all the different domino games? I would love to order them for our homeschooling because I also need easy repetitive game rules hahaha

  15. Our family loves games so you are always a huge help with finding new ones! Thank you. But I have to ask, where did you get that wall map??

  16. Thank you for your videos. I am looking for a good math game and good science game for my STEM class for our homeschool co op. The age range is 8 to 10 year olds. And I have 7 students. It would be a big plus if the instructions were simple. I have a six week old baby, so I’m trying to get some things together that don’t require as much from me. I am wondering what games you would suggest for me. Thanks in advance!

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