GEAR | 10 Games to Turn Your Kid into a Math Genius -

GEAR | 10 Games to Turn Your Kid into a Math Genius

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Learning how to add & subtract has come a LONG way since the flash cards we used as kids. We’ve rounded up SUM of our favorite games & tools that’ll actually get your kids excited to learn about math! TO ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY:
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1. Unlock It! Number Match:
2. I Sea 10!:
3. Mathlink Cubes:
4. 4-Way Countdown:
5. Sum Swamp:
6. Sums In Space:
7. Pizza Fraction Game:
8. Mathological Liar (Grades 2-6)
– Grade 2:
– Grade 3:
– Grade 4:
– Grade 5:
– Grade 6:
9. Mobi Math Tiles:
10. Bedtime Math Book:

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  1. I am from Singapore and I totally agree with the math cubes! We used the heck out of them in kindergarten to primary 1&2(3-8), sometimes even in higher levels! It helps alot to count in tens and patterns and this really helps for games like the key game so you just count in the pattern plus the extra numbers. It also helps for solid figures and nets in higher levels. Really enjoyed this episode!!
    Btw I am not a mom lol

  2. if your like my parents and lazy as. teach them how to play blackjack or 21 with cards. solitare works for sequences and bs works on lying/deception

  3. I babysit these two little girls, and the younger one REQUESTED to read the math book at bed time.

  4. Board games for math
    Me:WhAt ABoUt MoNoPoLy YoU HaVe tO aDd In ThAt

  5. I am not a mom I am a kid but I love your videos😂😂😂

  6. I played 4 way countdown but only two players it’s really fun!

  7. Is anyone other than me not a mom and watching this

  8. I’m a third grade and these look so fun…
    Am I weird

  9. I wish they had games like this for high school math.

  10. Me : OMG!! These are so cool gotta buy these for my kids!!!
    Also Me : Wait wa—😑

  11. WaterDroplet 【小水滴在加拿大】 says:

    Thanks for sharing. My daughters also made some videos about math games using cards or very simple things.

  12. Me litterly screaming at 1 am just because she finally said Singapore yay

  13. My Asian self that’s accelerating next year in math and reading watching this: I WANT THESEEEEE

  14. On the mathelogical liar card how would you or your kids the answer

  15. I want one of these but I'm going to fourth grade :<

  16. my 5 year old brother wants a 24 digit calculator for his birthday-

  17. For an awesome math course try CUEMATH !

  18. I am in second grade and my techear has I see ten and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I have a 4-way countdown game and this year I'm turning 10😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  20. SiGh

    I wish middle school had math games like this-

  21. I'm 9 using mommy's account I love these videos ❤❤❤

  22. the math oink cubes i am from Singapore and they use this A LOT in Primary school and it was like the best day of math if we get to play with them.

  23. This is like the 10th time I’ve watched this video. For real tho 😅😊❤

  24. I’m not a kindergartner but I like I swap space

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