Genius test! 🤯 (10 seconds to solve!) #shorts #riddle #puzzle #games #braingames -

Genius test! 🤯 (10 seconds to solve!) #shorts #riddle #puzzle #games #braingames

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  1. I cn make 6 square, 5 smaller and one bigger

  2. It took me like 5 sec.Also the people in these things probably don’t have a brain😂

  3. It took me 20 seconds is thst bad ( i did try tod do thsi wirh a head ache )

  4. You can do it in one move: 3rd central horizontal stick one space left and one space down.

  5. Opps,May ganon kaawa awa naman itong tricycle driver nang loloko naman..Mahina Siguro ang biyahe 🤷‍♀️

  6. I thought it was supposed to be hard

  7. The square on the top right you take them to and put them on the two little holes easy😂

  8. Easy. Take the two from the bottom right. One goes across the top to make a box, the other goes across the bottom.

  9. After I viewed it all it took was 2 seconds in solving the problem. ™

  10. There’s 2 separate ways you can move only 2 sticks & make 5 boxes…done in less than 10 seconds. Thanks, I do like these little puzzles. These are great when you need to take a break from something, even if it’s only a few seconds. Thought stimulation!

  11. Move the two from the right bottom corners and place them in the two empty spots

  12. Wanna know the worst part of finding out the answer? The fact that you may cannot prove it in the comments cause it's too difficult to describe.

  13. ❤ Allah is Great Creator ❤ so beautiful girl.

  14. I love it she has to point to count the number of squares

  15. Bro immediately I solved it but haven't seen it befor its easy as hell

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