GOOGLE JAMBOARD FOR MATH || 5 FREE Google Jamboard Zoom Math Games -

GOOGLE JAMBOARD FOR MATH || 5 FREE Google Jamboard Zoom Math Games

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Learn how to use Google Jamboard, an online interactive whiteboard, for remote teaching math. Here are five free google jamboard math games to play over zoom. I do a basic overview then in detail explain how to play the five free games all linked below. These are easy math games for remote learning. TIP: If you make your own jamboard you have to make a copy of your original “/copy”. Otherwise follow the directions below.


1. Copy the jamboard link below into the browser.
2. Press the copy button.
3. Press the blue share button in the top right hand corner.
4. Make sure you make the jamboard editable and copy the link.
5. Open up Zoom.
6. Paste new “editable link” into the chat.
7. Ask the students to click the link.
8. Create the breakout rooms. You need 1 breakout room per 2 students. (24 students = 12 breakout rooms)
9. Tell the students the breakout room number is the slide number on the jamboard they’ll be on.
10. Have fun!

Tic Tac Toe 15

Tic Tac Toe 30

31 Fun

Target Number

Multiplication Connect Four


  1. I tried to make copies of these Jamboards but three of them says they don't exist! Tic Tac Toe 15, 31 Fun, and Multiplication Connect 4

  2. Link for multiplication Connect Four does not work neither does tic tac toe 15. Thanks for these great ideas.

  3. Hi!!1 Loved the video and bringing something new for making learning fun. Specially maths. Few of the links are not working . Can you please look into it . Thanks

  4. Well done, sir! I’ve been using Jamboard recently and it’s such a useful app.

  5. Love the idea! however I was unable to share it on my google classroom

  6. Would you consider trying to make some multiplication and division Jams? I’m trying but I am struggling. I’m wanting for 3 rd graders.

  7. Zach, awesome to see you out there. You inspired me to use Jamboard!

  8. Jamboard games! Yes! I've been using copy after copy of Google Slide games instead. THIS IS BETTER!

  9. google meet does not have break out rooms. Love Jamboard as I use it for many activities.

  10. Thanks so muchd. Great video and love the math ideas.

  11. I can't find the link to the games you have already made.

  12. thank you sooooo much for these templates!

  13. Thank you so much for providing these great game templates for free! I needed something in a pinch and these are perfect.

  14. Thank you for the inspiration! I will be using these games today!!

  15. These videos are amazing! Just discovered your channel last night. Already did a Marcy Cook set in Google Slides. Is there a way to do it in jamboard? Thank you for sharing.

  16. I lovee these games but students are so naughty with Jamboards :/ they always clear the board or add inappropriate pictures (like dancing poop which is funny but not funny haha)

  17. Can you repost the multiplication connect four jamboard link

  18. Hello. I have purchased one of your TPT google slide templates. I am confused how to connect the purchased google slide template into a jamboard so my students can play the game?

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