Gura Regrets Playing This Math Game... -

Gura Regrets Playing This Math Game…

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  1. J.A.W. Tries It™: Bugged Logarithmic Mechanics (The Kidnap Edition)

  2. We need Ollie's help, and we need it now

  3. Keebee “Keebee the immortal Kirby” Kirby says:

    Ah yes 1 – 8 does indeed equal 9 gura

  4. Shork: I have no fear
    Baldie: hi ~
    Shork: I have one fear

  5. At this point it has to be just a joke gura is running with…. right?

  6. I.. have no idea who and why would teach her math like this.. 😅😅 i would go insane..

  7. I'm fully convinced that Gura is doing this on purpose. Haha she got us good, that was a solid prank. It was a prank right? RIGHT?

  8. Knowingly playing this game despite being bad at the subject? Gura really is a MATHochist.

  9. Gura allocared her stat points to anything else but math

  10. Poor gooba smoll brain in hololive at least she's cute

  11. cute gura, suffering and being brutally taught by baldi.

  12. Mental Abuse to Humans, Gura is a human confirmed xD

  13. whats really bad is she was doing the math right just giving the wrong answers XD

  14. Surely this is just an act for when the stream rolls right

  15. I knew what we were getting into when Gura was presented with the first math problem and she asked if 0 counted as 1😅

  16. This is both painful and gutbustingly funny to watch given her history with the subject.

  17. Math indeed not in the genetics of the Blue Creature in Hololive

  18. No sapient thing over the age of ten should struggle with these questions, it's gotta be a bit for the funny

  19. Shork's ultimate nightmare, actually doing math class assignments lol.

  20. 0:36 is essential proof she is doing it on purpose. Ones brain can't be so damaged that one counts from 1 down 8 times, even ignoring the 1 you start with, and get to -9. -8 – okay, you don't know how to handle the 0. But -9 is impossible.

  21. The way she counts back through negatives gives me anxiety

  22. The only explanation is that sharks dont live in schools in the ocean… 😅 this is a tough one

  23. Man, judging from Atlantis' education no wonder it fell off

  24. Does Gura know what subtraction is?
    Also negative number as well?

  25. she legit went up into a corner and baldi like spawned legit beside her

  26. It gets better because you have to realize that the entire chat was panic spamming "-3" and she STILL did this

  27. Gura was just being silly, right? She actually knows how to do basic math, right? Right?!

  28. Gura's in over her head going to Baldi's class, of all things!

  29. Can someone tell me if she is (1) genuinely stupid, (2) Disabled, or just (3) pranking and acting in her character?

  30. Something tells me Gura didn't get an A in math

  31. I can imagine her using her fingers to count backwards when she counts down

  32. You can tell she's counting using her fingers lmfao.

  33. Being this dumb makes her even more of a loli i love it

  34. I feel like if Gura did a stream together with another member who was a little bit competent at math, she would immediately become twice as effective at the subject… which isn't saying much but at least it'd be an improvement. There's a lot of little strategies for being able to answer simple problems like this quickly that she's unaware of. Like if it's 1-8 it's also 8-1 but with the sign switched.

  35. seeing this happen live….. the ENTIRE time i was just like "oh no, honey…… 😭😭😭"

  36. I could literally feel my brain cells die watching her mess up simple math. It’s still extremely entertaining, but frustrating.

  37. This stream was the most tangible evidence that Goob + Math = Chaos

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