How to get Prodigy's Strongest Wand for *FREE* (Prodigy Math Game 2023) -

How to get Prodigy’s Strongest Wand for *FREE* (Prodigy Math Game 2023)

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Prodigy math game’s strongest wand is the power orb in my opinion.

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  1. " all you have to do is get 100 bounties." THATS SO HARD !

  2. do you know how to leave your class code bcuz i dont

  3. This man has been playing prodigy for years. For 6 years he's made dedicated prodigy videos. That is truly insane. Good job, sir. 👍🏻

  4. I check I have 20k points but no bounty points lol

  5. One time I was playing and I saw you on there

  6. If you want to see me I am super Omer real. I love Anna Milla and you could probably meet me at the Academy.

  7. “Strongest wand in prodigy” My current one has a bonus of 50

  8. clickbait😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  9. why do i have 23,000,000 coins on prodigy💀

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