How to Play BLOKUS - Math Game for Kids -

How to Play BLOKUS – Math Game for Kids

Kent Haines
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Learn how to play my all-time favorite board game, Blokus! Learn how this game helps your kids develop their spatial reasoning skills.

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-Kent at Games for Young Minds


  1. Makes more sense if the HIGHEST score wins… why do you say LOWEST score wins (the rulebook says highest)?

  2. Thank you for showing us how this game CAN be a fun learning experience.

  3. Quite similar to Go, and I'm intrigued by the mathematical aspect of Blokus.

  4. This video should be #1 when I lookup how to play blokus. Its so much better than the current number one which has 100k + views

  5. This was great! We are about to play Blokus for the first time ever! The instructions were well received!

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