How to play Ocean Raiders Addition Math Game for kids -

How to play Ocean Raiders Addition Math Game for kids

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Learn how to play Ocean Raiders – Addition board game for kids

Ocean Raiders is an addition board game from Logic Roots. The game is designed to help students master 8 core Math skills including Addition of 1 and 2 digit numbers with carry, number sequencing, and number recognition. Below are the steps on how to play the game for maximum fun and Math practice. Have fun

Step 1: Set up the Game Board and Diver Coins
Set the Ocean Raiders Game Board in the middle of the table, place all the 4 diver coins at the start and the 10 faced dice in the middle of the board

Step 2 : First Move
The player with the red diver coin will make the first move by rolling the dice and placing his diver coin to the corresponding number on the board

Tip 1: The player does not need to wait up for a particular number like 1 or 6 to start the game play, the first move can be made on any number

Tip 2 – You will also notice that the numbers are all jumbled up, that is because it is the ocean and the numbers have all moved away from each other.

Skill practised – Number Recognition and Number Sequencing

Step 3 : Second Move
Now after all the players have played their first turns, the red diver rolls the dice again on his second turn of the game. The number that comes on the dice will be the number the diver will add to his current position to find his new position.

Example – The player was initially on 4, and on his second turn gets a 3. He will now do 3+4 and go to 7.

Skill Practiced – Addition of one digit number to one digit number

The Game will progress in this way until a player reaches the Treasure first which is hidden in Area 49 of the vast ocean.

Rules and Penalties :

Rule 1 – Whenever a player makes a wrong move, he will go back to the start

Rule 2 – If a player speaks in someone else’s turn, he will have to miss his next turn.

Give each player a sketch pen and a logic slate with the help of which they can do accurate calculations without making a lot of mistakes

Bonus Tips-

Bonus Tip 1: Focus on accuracy, not speed
Early on, Encourage the kids to be correct rather than fast. For more accuracy motivate them to use logic slates.

Bonus Tip 2 : Follow the two rules
The two rules are designed to increase fun and math practice manifold. Follow them religiously.

Bonus Tip 3: Play more
As they play more not only will they get comfortable with numbers but more importantly they will start enjoying math.

Ocean Raiders is an original Math game from Logic Roots. At Logic Roots, we are helping kids get up to 20 times more Math practice through innovative games, apps and activities. Visit us at

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