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I found a Grand Strategy Game made for KIDS?!

Drew Durnil
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I finally play some Cool Math Games, except its actually pretty hard. World geography according to dank memes

Coolmath Games is an online gaming site for educational games. It is one of the most well-known sites of the mid-2000s.

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  1. Plz also mention names of these games in description of the video.Thxs

  2. I'm not gonna say anything…. Nope I'm not saying it can't say it

    I gotta say it………Chess………

  3. Bruh i play this on cool math games and i can not pass the level on the thumbnail.

  4. I used to play mainland wars constantly as a kid

  5. ICT teacher: once you have finished thr work, you can go on what you want
    Me and the boys: 😏

  6. cool math games in the peak of my school career, I played that game more than actually learning lmao

  7. I love Mainland wars in coolmathgames 🙂

  8. I played Coolmath Games only bcause it worked on school internet

  9. ive played this before it took 2 ir 3 days to beat it

  10. Matem ma sambra ma sei be na nam.

  11. I want to make a cool math games channel, for cool math games specifically.

  12. Cool Math Games doesn't have a single math game in it

  13. Mainland wars isn't the hardest game there. Pre-civilization Bronze age is ten time harder to beat.

  14. Fun fact: Coolmath games lets you learn about nazi germany.

  15. This game is what started my love for global domination games like RISK.

  16. Ha! I used to play this. Another cool one is pre-civilization Bronze Age, were you build a kingdom. Same platform, and it’s really fun.

  17. Drew needs to try the game "for the king". It's easy and you can spam out so many troops, but it is fun. I have a screenshot of where I made every place on the board covered in soldiers.

  18. Ah you say it’s abut the mouse stuff, me playing mobile, 😵

  19. Use to play this all the time on Cool Math Games

  20. There is a game called Ausome tanks on Cool Maths Games

  21. My Gosh, he aged so well in the last 2 or 3 years.

  22. "Your family's never gonna see you again, that's fine"
    – Drew

  23. Yes,we need to teach our kids imperialism to carry our legacy.

  24. "Non violent and educational games"

    This game: a game where you take people's land away and use biological warfare

  25. As a Gen-Zer, I am so happy you finally featured the website that got all of us through elementary school.

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