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If you are a genius solve this! Math Game Challenge!!!

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  1. Start at the left corner one, you can do this either going up or going left or just going right 3 dots, badically just make a spiral and it will work

  2. If you only have four lines and each line after the first line has to begin where the previous line ended then this whole thing is logically impossible you troll.

  3. Me: "right up on left" "writes line to right " writes line down" does it again

  4. The puzzle is impossible to solve unless you break the established rules in place.

  5. just make 1 line going down on each row then just make a line anywhere else. easiest problem ever

  6. Draw a multiplication sign and a plus sign only 4 lines 😫

  7. Start in Botton-right corner and head diagonally up to the top left (3 dots) – then head right (5 dots so far) and keep going 'outside' the edge of the grid.
    Then head diagonally down towards the bottom left of the grid (covers dots 7 dots now).
    Then head up to cover last two dots.

    It looks like an arrow pointing at the top-left dot.

    To clarify, if you imagine the dots are numbered 1-9 from the top left; line number 3 goes through dots 6 & 8.

  8. did this in my head with out writing it down easy

  9. They want you to use four lines connecting all the dots so you make a plus sign and then you make an x all dots connect with the middle Dot.. (4 lines)+ x

  10. They never said that curves equals lines

  11. I can do this in three straight lines, drawn almost (but not quite) vertical.

  12. Number the top dots 1 to 3 left to right, middle dots 4 to 6 left to right, then bottom dots 7 to 9 left to right.
    Start at dot 6-dot 3-up diagonal down to dot 2-dot 5-extend then horizontally right to dot 7 dot 8 dot 9 the up diagonally left to dot 5 – dot 1.

  13. No one can do this the lines arent perfectly straight 😂😂😂😂

  14. Ok start in bottom left and then go right until your out of the box and make the perfect angle to hit the middle dot and middle left dot then go right and when your in the top right go down to get the last dot.

  15. |make a line and make the other line then make another line 😎

  16. 4 lines ground ●●●●
    2 lines up ●●●
    And 3 line ●●●

  17. i mean like every line can be straight line

  18. This is hack she is just doing this for views cause its impos

  19. First you draw a cross and then in the remaining ones you draw two diagonal lines

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