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James Recommends – Counting Kingdom – Want a Good Educational Math Game?

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James Recommends Counting Kingdom, an educational game that introduces children ages 4 through 6 to the basic principles of math (mainly addition and subtraction). The basic tower defense mechanic teaches kids to use their math skills to defeat monsters, while top scores and rewards encourage them to seek out more difficult problem sets for themselves and challenge the limits of their mathematical knowledge.

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Check for hidden annotations in the video or turn on subtitles for Bonus Facts about The Counting Kingdom!


  1. I've never watched a "James recommends…." video b4 b/c I don't have a budget for buying games. I watched this one because it's about an educational game. I learned a lot from this & hope he'll do more on the genre.

  2. DragonBox is also awesome 😀

    Algebra seems to be so elusive to so many people, and yet even smaller children seems to grasp the very same  mechanics of algebra in this game.

  3. This is one reason why I appreciate James Recommends' odd-ball finds–even if the game isn't up my alley, it's good to know something like this is out there.

  4. Interesting how he never curses and decides to curse on the one video about a game for children 4-6. Cursing never bothers me and I don't really care that he did…I just find it interesting.

  5. Dear James, I do like it when you recommend interesting games to us, but in this video, a little… habit? of yours really distracted me, I went back and rewatched the video, and exactly 10 times you made a statement and ended it with "right?". That starts at about 00:50, when you start to explain how the game works. It seems really weird for me that you would ask that, because I don't even know anything about the game, I'm watching this video because you want to tell me how it works and why it's interesting. When one says that, especially if that often, they seem insecure about what they're talking about, which ends up being less convincing, and, as mentioned earlier, distracting. I'm not asking you to change, but I know that one often doesn't even notice these things and maybe it helps you for the future in one way or another. Thank you for reading this, and have a nice day.

  6. Haha, such a great episode; I love how excited James was.

    This game should really be available in every school out there. Can you imagine being graded based on how well you do in a game? I'm sure kids would compete for better scores of their own accord.

  7. This is perfect for my nephew. Thank you!!!

  8. Pretty damn neat. Now I just have to wait till a game comes out that teaches me general relativity.

  9. We need to design fun educational games for kids to play in schools. It would be a better system than the ones we have now.

  10. First time I ever hear James cursing and it's to praise a maths game for 6 years olds. I love this channel! <3

  11. My teacher for algebra two in high school believes in the students doing more to teach themselves. We learn directly from the textbook. I believe that he was taught algebra is a different manner than we are used to learning. Students are not always necessarily lazy and unwilling to do work. He only helps us with confusing math problems by describing the process in a manner that further frustrates us.

    I simply decided to mention this because I believe that there are teachers for a subject for a reason, in schools. Some teachers are not doing enough to reach out to the latest generation of students. It's like that old saying: give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day; teach a man how to fish, and he will dine for a lifetime.

    At least, it went something along those lines. Thoughts?

  12. So uh…. when's James Recommends – The World Ends With You? 🙂

  13. Love this. Would totally still watch if you only covered educational games for toddlers. Love the other stuff, bought and played tons of it, but this is important work. I don't even have kids, but I gladly forward it to friends that do. 

  14. I don't care for educational games but I look cute ones. I added it to my Steam Wishlist. 

  15. this game is fun and challenging even for non-children… just saying! 

  16. that game looks interesting i might teach my 2 year old basic math when she gets a bit older with this game 😀

  17. You should become a Steam Curator and put all of the games you recommend on there.

  18. I really wish you had and #jamesrecommends  for Steam Curators. That way I don't have to remember all the games you recommend.

  19. I wonder what a game involving higher learning would look like.

  20. Finally, A game that beats Number Munchers at making math fun.

    If number munchers didn't have math, and instead was a game where you matched to a shape on top, it would have little to no challenge. It might by typical to clear the board before troggles even appear. By adding that mathematical challenge needed to determine the edible from the inedible, the slow pace is energized by the need to analyze each item.

    But on second thought, shape munchers would be a good pre-K game. Is MECC still around these days?

  21. This weak you did something good for humanity 🙂

  22. Faith in humanity = restored 😀
    THANK YOU for doing this

  23. This is how kids should be deepening our understanding of the concepts around math, not this absurd common core/next generation nonsense.

  24. I feel like this show is getting more and more watchable as James gets more practice.

  25. Hey James, any plans to create an Extra Credits Steam Curator list? I know not everything you guys recommend is on Steam, but it seems like a good place to collect all your suggestions.

  26. Hey does this game have an android or iphone port? I actually have someone who I think would like this and benefit from a game that helps speed up her math skills.

  27. I really like the art in this game. It's very colorful and happy.

  28. Thanks James, this is exactly the kind of games I've been looking for for my son.
    Anyone know any other similarly well constructed edutainment titles?

  29. StamOS/Linux support would be grand. Until then I'll just have to advertise this game to family and friends. It's a shame there aren't more educational games that are actually fun like this one.

  30. Don't beat yourself up about presenting a kid's game.  Not only is it useful for devs, but some of us are also parents.

  31. Magic, broken down, is simply misunderstood science within a fantasy universe.

    A game where the player actually has to work out the calculations?! Absurd! XD

  32. Keanu Reeves, recommend more cyber punk games… and cut these danm fingernails dude, you can accidentally lose a eye or something

  33. James, please tell me that you're going to make a curator list on Steam.

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