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James Recommends – Counting Kingdom – Want a Good Educational Math Game?

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James Recommends Counting Kingdom, an educational game that introduces children ages 4 through 6 to the basic principles of math (mainly addition and subtraction). The basic tower defense mechanic teaches kids to use their math skills to defeat monsters, while top scores and rewards encourage them to seek out more difficult problem sets for themselves and challenge the limits of their mathematical knowledge.

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Check for hidden annotations in the video or turn on subtitles for Bonus Facts about The Counting Kingdom!


  1. If you are interested in teaching math to children in a way that is easy to understand I would suggest you to also take a look at Numberblocks. The show's motto is: "It's easy when you see it!" The show depicts each number as its number of blocks, thereby visualizing what actually happens when two numbers are added, instead of simply showing the result. I believe that the show has a lot of unused potential because its visualizations could even be used to visualize higher mathematics. I would advise you to watch the show and pay attention to how Numberland might be used to teach more advanced things, like prime numbers and factorization. Perhaps Numberblocks's visualization might be combined with Counting Kingdom's gameplay?

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    HAHAHAHA PLz, as iv I ned dat. Im smurt enuf alrede!

  3. Today I learned that Euclid 3:16 says 'I just created geometry.  And that's the bottom line because Euclid said so.'

  4. That is a firetrucking great idea for a mechanic.

  5. …That's 4-6 and UP, right?

  6. "The straight line drawn at right angles to the diameter of a circle from its end will fall outside the circle, and into the space between the straight line and the circumference another straight line cannot be interposed, further the angle of the semicircle is greater, and the remaining angle less, than any acute rectilinear angle."

  7. You know what they did need to do? Make an educational game for adults.

  8. This show would translate so well into a steam curators list, would you consider doing one?

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