JELLY 2048 (vs) PUFF UP - Satisfying ASMR Math Games -

JELLY 2048 (vs) PUFF UP – Satisfying ASMR Math Games

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Get ready for a satisfying ASMR experience with Jelly 2048 + Puff Up! This mix dual gameplay from D2D Games and Voodoo Games combines the popular ‘Jelly 2048’ and ‘Puff Up’ games into one exciting adventure. Level up your balls and puff up your balloons while competing in the ultimate showdown between 2048 games and puff balloon math games. With fun math games like this, it’s no wonder why Android Weekly (AW) Channel and fans of ‘Little Movie – Game and Fun’ Channel can’t get enough! Subscribe now for more exciting content and satisfying ASMR math games.

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[Jelly 2048]
Are you real jelly hero ready to play the most addictive merge jelly games and real puzzle challenge? Jelly 2048 is super fun balls merge game where you need to combine and merge 3d balls number up to jelly 2048

If you like number games like simulator 2048 and number puzzle games with good physics merge than jelly 2048 will be a perfect game for you. Start with 2 and reach 16, 32, 128, 512, 1024 and finally 2048 balls. Jelly puzzle game is a fun free game and you can play without internet and offline! 😍

[Puff Up]
Do you like bubble shooter, 2048 and match 3 puzzle games? YES, Puff up is made for you! Inflate balloons, shoot them and avoid spikes or they will pop! Use your brain to win the game and break the chains!

How to play this balloon puzzle game?
1) Tap and hold to grow balloons and make them as big as possible. No need to match balloons by number like for 2048 games, it’s way easier.
2) Perfectly time the release of your balloon and avoid obstacles, or your ballooons will pop!
3) No brain, no game! Play smart to reach the correct number and break the chain!

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