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Learn Math and Counting Monster Trucks for Kids | Compilation Vol 1

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Learning math and numbers has never been more fun! Your kids will love watching our cool 3D monster trucks perform stunts, make huge jumps and even go bowling as we learn to count from 1-10, 1-20 and even up to 1000. We’ll also learn some basic math including adding and subtracting – all with the help of our entertaining monster trucks and other vehicles.

This 37 minute compilation includes the following videos (click the time links to jump to each section):

1) Learn to Count to 10 with Monster Trucks: 00:32
2) Counting Monster Trucks Part 2 (1-20): 02:59
3) Counting Monster Trucks Part 3 (1-1000): 12:34
4) Adding with Monster Trucks: 21:18
5) Subtracting with Monster Trucks: 26:25
6) Vehicle Bowling (Adding and Subtracting): 31:41

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