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Learn Math through sport: ‘Shuttle runs’ › Division & multiplication PE game

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5 unique math-based PE games for grade 3:
5 unique math-based PE games for grade 4:

Watch this ‘how-to-play’ video with your grade 3 or 4 class, and then set it up out in your sports hall. Students practice their mental division and multiplication, while combining different sport skills.

Check out these 5 activities, complete with in-class worksheets and online videos. Integrate math common core into your sport lessons with these engaging activities to help your students apply and practice their • multiplication • division • shapes • fractions • time • & data collection.


  1. Good one.Canyou recommend some other sports activities amalgamating maths and science activities for grades 3 to 8

  2. Hello good sir! Great stuff. Ill definitely use this one. But what software are you using to use make this animation? I'm interested!

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