Lego Math Games - Addition Lego Games for Kids -

Lego Math Games – Addition Lego Games for Kids

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Lego math games and the formal recording of them; both are important, one to teach the kids addition and the second to help them in memorizing the English numbers and learn how every single one of them should be written.

Kids love the idea of having Lego at home and that’s a good reason why parents should depend on them more when it comes to teaching them some educational lessons related to math or English alphabet letters in general ().

Addition is one of the first lessons that kids come to learn in their mathematical education journey and in order to make it interesting for the kids, parents always try to bring out creative ideas that would keep them excited to learn and handle the challenge they have been placed in ().

In this lesson, the main focus is on letting the child understand addition and learn how to add. All that is needed for this lesson is a clear Lego board, Lego blocks, a piece of paper and a pen, and also making sure to have the plus and the equal signs. The parent will be the one responsible for placing the Lego blocks on which the kids will count the dots and then do the calculation and place the blocks that will represent the answer at the end.

This is the initial part of the lesson, which is counting, doing the addition, and then answering the equation with the Lego, but there is still another part of this lesson which we should mention and which is important for the kids to learn how to write down the numbers, which is the part of number recognition and which is very important ().

It is not just addition, but there is also subtraction, multiplication and division that could be all taught through using the Lego blocks and giving the kids the chance to answer their equation and count down the dots to place their answer. There are also different games that could be played when it comes to using the Lego blocks, such as the number line for example which could be played on a piece of paper as well as with using Lego ().

Counting the Lego blocks and placing them on specific numbers written on a piece of paper is also another game or technique used with teaching kids to count and educate them a little bit more about math (). The games are different and choosing the one most suitable and interesting will also be difficult, which is the reason why parents should try several games with their kids.

Math games are always challenging for the kids but that’s what keep them always excited, because kids love challenges and love to solve the games and the puzzles which they are exposed to, they love to feel like they are geniuses and have solved the mathematical problem. This is actually a good thing, because the more they solve a challenge, the more they will ask you to repeat the game.

Lego comes in different sizes and this is always a good thing because the kids will choose what they want and create the shapes they please, but this math game with Lego is better done with the small Lego blocks that could be placed on the Lego board.

In addition to Lego, there are different other games that could be played for the intention of teaching the kids math, such as play-doh () and that’s of course in addition to lots of other things that could be played on paper or with other general tools and toys.

What do you think of this addition game for kids? Enjoy watching the video with them, for you to learn a new game and for the kids to learn how to add, and let us hear back from you about your feedback and how it turned out to be, was it effective for the kids? Did they learn addition at the end?

Use Lego to create fun number sentences or math calculations for kids. A fun way of exploring, practicing and understanding addition and subtraction. Lego math challenges are a great way to enjoy math with your child and let them learn something in a different way!

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Math Addition Games with Lego for kids – Learn to add.

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