Let's make a Math Game for iPhone in Xcode (SwiftUI) [Part 2] - monstrousmath.com

Let’s make a Math Game for iPhone in Xcode (SwiftUI) [Part 2]

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In this video we will be finishing the UI of our Math Game App. Remember to try out the challenges to improve you skills!

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  1. Thanks for introducing me to your wonderful mini-games.I was able to train again with your excellent tutorials.

  2. Sir it is working but how u made it to move on ur desktop

  3. How can I play it on my phone?

  4. thank you
    add when finish show message and add sound off/on and add – * % to app

  5. Amazing!!! Helps a lot. And what I love the most is short and to the point videos. Love watching your content 😍

  6. how can you make an Trivia App with categories?

  7. weird, XCode made me use "for _" instead of "for i"

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