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Let’s Play 90s Math Games! (Co-Optitude w/ Ryon & Felicia Day)

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Felicia Day shows off her math degree while playing 90s math games (Math Blaster: Search for Spot, and Donkey Kong Jr. Math) with her brother on Co-Optitude!


Co-Optitude used to be about playing all the retro games they were never allowed to play as kids, but now they’ve played them all, it’s time to play indies and new games.

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  1. Every time they curse, I want to see a cutaway to Felicia in episode 1 where she says, "Let's keep this PG" XD

  2. Does anybody remember that math game where there were snowballs that you had to balance and elves and a mountain you had to gradually climb? What was it called??

  3. 7:58 I think I found the source of their little "salad days" inside joke. I knew it.

  4. Ryon's got some bespectacled daddy realness going on in this one. Hilarious and educational! It's hilarducational!

  5. I remember playing dungeon of the algebra dragons with my friend growing up but neither of us knew algebra so we would just run around til we ran into a dragon and then we couldn't solve the problem so we would die and start over. Good Times.

  6. Can't believe they failed an elementery school math game! Hahaha

    I loved Math Blaster and other similar games, they were the first games my parents would allow me to play with our shiny first computer back in '96 when I entered school! Basically my starting point for all kinds of digital entertainment!

  7. Got hypnotized with those colorful reflections on Felicia's glasses…


  9. Why does it say Crit Role comes out on Youtube on Wednesdays but they never put the video out on time?

  10. Ha-ha! I went to Pacific Lutheran University, where they DO give Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Physics! (It was originally a teaching college, so the tradition was to get dual BA's in Education, and whatever it is you wanted to teach. Or for me, I ended up getting halfway through both degrees before realizing that Math Was Hard. So I also went and got an English degree.)

  11. This is why you don't have siblings play video games… or is this why you do. I don't remember…

  12. I totally remember Math Blasters and hated it.

  13. I remember a game that was like NFL Blitz except with math. That was fantastic. It even had a couple of early CGI cutscenes.

  14. feliciaRage feliciaRage feliciaRage feliciaRage

  15. Certainly one of my favorites.  I was crying.

  16. I have a German degree. And I created a unit conversion app. So yes, few things make sense. Irony abounds.

  17. If I knew anything about animation, I'd make an animated short of Felicia teaching an elementary school math class using only sound bites from this video.

  18. This episode proves that college degrees are useless.

  19. Felicia, getting hit by a pizza is classified as a Win, not as being a loser.. :p

  20. It's just not Co-optitude without both Ryon and Felicia.

  21. It's been a while since you guys were this funny to me, I'm super happy with this episode!

  22. damn coin noises just let them swear its annoying

  23. I vaguely remember playing Math Blaster in Elementary School, one of the few "school allowed" games on the computers

  24. I laughed so hard when Felicia exclaimed "4.0!" I was just reading the chapter of her book where she recounts working her butt off to maintain her 4.0 average in Math…

  25. Does anyone remember "Operation Neptune" BEST MATH GAME EVER! Also, it may not be math. . . but what about 'Gizmos and Gadgets"?

  26. Watching them struggle figuring out the logic is entertainment gold

  27. The fact that Felicia can't understand that you need to be a number that's between the two numbers on both sides of the hole, and she had to look it up makes my head hurt so much.

  28. I have an everdrive for the Genesis and I tried Math Blaster thinking, "I had this for Windows back in the day. It might be fun." I got to that stage with the water droplets and started freaking out. It took forever to realize you have to pick a number in between the values on each side. My rage was not nearly as funny or as sexy.

  29. The best educational games ever made…. Cluefinder…

  30. Math and physics are the easiest subjects, they are mostly just logic. You don't really have to memorize a lot of stuff.

  31. I thought I was the only kid in America who played math blaster! That’s what happens when your parents are teachers…no friends

  32. I just wanna know how the planning session for this went I know lets play some stupid terrible math games…. I still watched it

  33. wow its been such a long time since co-optitude ended. I just think this LP format became outdated but still very entertaining. i wish it would come back.

  34. I.
    In the Day combo with her brother.

  35. Why does Felicia's voice sound so clear? She sounds like an entirely different person!

  36. Hmm, a math degree. I wonder what Felicia's aspirations were while attending college.

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