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Let’s Play 90s Math Games! (Co-Optitude w/ Ryon & Felicia Day)

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Felicia Day shows off her math degree while playing 90s math games (Math Blaster: Search for Spot, and Donkey Kong Jr. Math) with her brother on Co-Optitude!


Co-Optitude used to be about playing all the retro games they were never allowed to play as kids, but now they’ve played them all, it’s time to play indies and new games.

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  1. Bachelor of Arts: the toilet paper of degrees. 😀

  2. i wanna a see a collab with up up down down

  3. Just too funny! My only complaint is that it was over too soon. I could have watched Felicia and Ryon play for a while longer.

  4. the 2 equations in the rocks were the numerical parameters you just had to have a number within the parameters to get through XD

  5. My favorite math game will always be Number Munchers.

  6. In Math Blasters you needed to be between the solutions of the two math problems on either side. For example you can get through $+9=13 and 4+1=5 with any number in that range.

  7. Oh my god, Math Blaster. The last time I was good at math.

  8. wonder if theres rule 34 of that mathblaster

  9. When I was little, my brother picked out fun games for the NES like Final Fantasy and Zelda. I chose Sesame Street 1-2-3, which had such classics as AstroGrover and Ernie's Magic Shapes.

  10. This is my first video watching this series, and I need to change my text tone to another tone due to the censoring that makes me look at my phone whenever it plays.

  11. I love how it looks like Ryon is always wearing boxers n underwear.

  12. Those games were okay, but Treasure Mountain was way cooler.

  13. OMG I PLAYED THIS! A million times when I was little! Does not surprise me anymore why I enjoy algebra…>.>

  14. i remember math blasters…i also remember never having a clue what i was doing while playing it. I remember getting to the final stage somehow one time and just clicking things and of course it gives me the "game over" failure screen. i dont think i realized u had to do math to play the game

  15. What happened to Spot?
    Clearly, that big yellow alien Blasted him right up the Math.

  16. So when can we expect someone to come collect Felicia's diploma?

  17. Haaaa Math Blaster holy shit my childhood!

    I missed this dynamic, not gonna lie. 🙂

  18. Up voting, for Ryon being 'classic Ryon' and driving Felicia into pure grumpy cat mode. 😉

  19. at my elementary school, we had Number Munchers

  20. I want a co-optitude t-shirt with Felicia's catchphrase – "I'm so angry right now"

  21. Felicia using he mind to factorize is so attractive! Take note Fashion Magazines! this is what we really want! XD

  22. Ryon, Gravity is determined by Mass not an atmosphere! Didnt you learn anything in collage XD

  23. i definitely remember playing math blaster in middle school on our win 94 PC's and a Duke Nukem math game where you blast zombies away with a number gun of course

  24. OMG math blaster! We used to get to play that in elementary school in our computer class! Aaa! The nostalgia!!!

  25. Awesome! Classic games! And you two!

    By the way…. If you are going back to the retro games, i have a recomendation, but i urge you: Just play it. Don't search anything about the game, just play it:

    Sonic R. Do it.

  26. I missed these retro game reviews. Hope you guys do more like this ^^! More edu-games would be fun too, like Dino-tycoon :D.

  27. lol "Salad days" I wonder if that's a reference to the book "Feed"

  28. "shut your dirty fucking mouth dude" ryon day 2016

  29. Nice… 5:34 You guys had an Amiga! Good ol'e 80s… Don't know where my shoe boxes of hard floppy disk went.

  30. Felicia would make a great AI for a battlesuit, hands down better than JARVIS.

  31. They used to use this game for the kids who struggled at math… or were really good at typing and finished Mavis Beacon early.

  32. What? 90's math games and you forgot Number Munchers?

  33. "Take the derivative of this fucker!" flashbacks to senior-year calculus

  34. "If I was a child, I'd QUIT SCHOOL, and become a carnie." LOL Felicia.

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