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Lost In Firefly Forest Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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In Lost In Firefly You got lost in the forest and now you need to get out of there. Almost anywhere on the map you can go to 4 sides. But in order to get to a certain place, you need to complete a certain pattern, tips for which are scattered throughout the map. There are also common puzzle pieces in the game, and there is a clue to almost any. The game is taken from the site armorgames:


  1. Did anybody else have a missing row on the third maze in the well?

  2. Thank you for making this walkthrough. I really enjoyed this game. It reminded me of the Sierra games that I used to play back in the 1990s like the Space Quest series.

  3. where do you get the maze map for the cave part?????

  4. this was a fun and extremely challenging game, couldn't have completed it without your help. thx

  5. How tf am I supposed to do the scribbles around circles clue 💀

  6. i finished the game and came here to see if i missed smth, really really cool game.

  7. I kept falling off the maze to the left under the well, but I did make it to the end. Because I stumbled across the tower without the clue. The shovel was actually the first thing I picked up.

  8. I did this about a month ago on Ferociter's itch.io and it was pretty fun but also fairly difficult and took me a while to figure out but it was worth it. I also saw that Bart Bonte put it as his #1 browser game of 2020.

  9. This got me the clue from the left path at the base of the well. Thank you!

  10. I had to look up the pattern to the candles in the tower – only thing I didn't get. What was the clue I missed there? Why was it those 6 candles?

  11. Sucks that the other lost guy who helped in the beginning dissappered. I hope he found his way out too. Probably not, we took all the clues

  12. Stuck at the grave yard thing I haven’t seen the ghost

  13. v cute game i love the colors it reminded me of le chat fonce, anyway i got stuck at the clock tree part

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