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Match stick puzzle | Puzzles with Answer | Feed Brain with Prema

Feed Brain with Prema
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Match stick puzzle | Puzzles with Answer | Feed Brain with Prema
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  1. put the matches for the countdown at the bottom of the screen and keep the puzzle

  2. Finally I got the reverse direction

  3. China laga diya re bhai tumne to bolatha squer bagane ko bolatha toh ye four kaha se aya

  4. The puzzle needs to stay for a while. Isn't it.

  5. The first one you just make the + into a – and use that stick to make the last one 0

  6. with all the extra angles, unfortunately it's not a "perfect" square.

  7. The + sign with something sticking out the top… is NOT a 'square'

  8. There is something wrong with your brain .Get it examined

  9. Where is the perfect square in the solution of last trick ??

  10. Question #5, your answer not correct, infact there is no answer. It's 4, where the square, don't make it imaginary answer.

  11. Красиво❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Aap question ke bich me se hata de Rahe Hai jisase hame problem ho rahi hai answer Dene me

  13. #5. We can also make Roman 4 i.e. I V as we already have a V and just have to keep a stick in front of the V at proper angle

  14. Who was the mental midget that set this up?😝👎

  15. tricks with words in no 5.. yes 4 is a perfect sq of 2 but has nothing to do with 3 sticks that can no way make a four sided sqware !

  16. The triangle to perfect square has 3 answers !!!! 4. The Roman numeral IV (which is 4) and making a 1 with 3 sticks 1 is also a perfect square.
    Lots of thinking outside the box !!!

  17. 5th was tricky but when u put that in front of people they won't accept perfect square thing ….. They would fight for u unless they have good knowledge of maths

  18. Yes, is the way that kids think now… should we be worried about it 🤔?

  19. 2:15 I would just remove 3 matches from the square on the left & there will be only 2 squares left

  20. □□□□ I
    Cosplay Cinderella was one hour late to the ball
    Move five sticks to reveal why she was😂 you can't

  21. A perfect square is a figure with four equal sides not a number.

  22. Last one is not square how can you say that too perfect one

  23. I like the ten lotus flowers appearing one by one. Helps me fall asleep. Thanks

  24. I've had a nice idea how to solve the first one which is 9+9=9. You just remove one match from "+" and make it "=". So you end up with 9=9=9.

  25. For the last one no specific rule, so move any one place on incline mirror auto roll down back, and SAY Perfect Triangle is half of Perfect Square and the other half u can see its mirror-image, and finally SAY TWO PERFECT TRIANGLE IS A PERFECT IS A PERFECT SQUARE. U use numbers and math; I use words and science, he he he…😂

  26. While the times goes by, I cannot see there initial positions of the matches. Quite difficult to solve there problem this way.

  27. 😂🇬🇷✌Φίλε μου πολύ ωραίο το video σας,συγχαρητήρια. Το χρονόμετρο όμως θα μπορούσε να είναι κάπου σε μια γωνία ώστε να βλέπουμε το αρχικό σχήμα για να κάνουμε έτσι καλύτερη την προσπάθειά μας για την επίλυσή του.❤

  28. You'll know how to solve them next time. That's what really matters.

  29. sorry but you keep removing the puzzle too fast to figure it out!!!

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