Math Blaster Plus! gameplay (PC Game, 1987) -

Math Blaster Plus! gameplay (PC Game, 1987)

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Introduction and gameplay for Math Blaster Plus!, Dos PC game produced by Davidson & Associates in 1987 –
Math Blaster Plus!It is a great game for kids, educational. The games involve solving equations by filling in answers and missing numbers and by correcting problems.
Played through Dosbox emulation platform.
Recorded with original sound.

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  1. I was forced t play this for 30 minutes. I still remember how much those 30 minutes sucked

  2. I was shockingly terrible at this game, but I still had fun. Turns out I have Dyscalculia.

  3. My god…!! Never thought I'd see this again!

  4. No tablets for our generation just good old fashioned pc nes game boy gaming

  5. Wow! Brings back so many memories! "Yes sweetheart, you can play computer games. Here's the very latest and best game that all the kids are playing…" 😂

  6. Omg, the memories~ My fave part was the space trash blaster.

  7. Back when I didn’t know the damn math problem and guessed my way into play the actual shooting part 😂

  8. I recall how the computers at my school had this lovely game. Memories.

  9. omfg. is this it!? is this my childhood? ive long since looked to discover this game. and i think another called tank wars. feels like i was playing this in kindergarten in 1992

  10. Oh my word. My family got this on a diskette from the father of my dance class friend. He had translated it into Swedish for his kids and then decided to spread it to everyone around him. We played it in black-and-white on mum's Macintosh Powerbook 100. My first computer game! It was around 1994; I was eight. Thank you for this nostalgia!!!

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