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Math Dice Jr.

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The bad news? Despite the increasing importance of math skills in our tech-happy economy, the U.S. continues to slip in international rankings. The good news? You can help put your kids on the path to Pythagorean theorem and professional success with Math Dice Jr. Just roll the 12-sided die to get a target number and the five scoring dice. Then, make the scoring dice match the target number using addition and/or subtraction and move one space on the track for each scoring dice used. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can incorporate multiplication and division into the game.

Brain Health Expert Says:
“This amazing set of electronic modules will stretch your creativity, logical thinking, and fine motor coordination as you build circuits that can do hundreds of different things.”


  1. It’s good brain exercise for dementia too

  2. So.. you can do 4-2+2+2 and move 4 spaces?

  3. Lets compute how to get 6

    I know!
    You use all of the dice to get:

    2*3+4-2-2 = 6
    Hahaha i used all the dice 😉

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