Math for Game Devs [2022, part 1] • Numbers, Vectors & Dot Product -

Math for Game Devs [2022, part 1] • Numbers, Vectors & Dot Product

Freya Holmér
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Primarily for my students at FutureGames – I will only read chat/superchats during breaks!

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(timestamps courtesy of @manuvaad from the comments! thank u)

0:00:00 Intro
0:24:40 Number line, vector fundamentals
1:05:26 2D Vectors
1:29:14 Vector length (magnitude)
1:42:12 Vector normalization
1:52:04 Q: “Is there a term for vector that fits in a square instead of circle?”
1:55:33 Vector length (code version)
2:09:27 Vector multiplication
2:17:08 Dot product use cases
2:42:10 Practice
2:54:21 Note about scalar projection
2:55:00 Vector projection
3:01:46 Assignments
3:20:00 Questions


  1. Not trying to be creepy but your voice is like asmr for my ears!

  2. you almost always have your headset on, is it a habit just to casual have it on or do you actually have it playing something?
    I just like to have it casually myself…

  3. Wow, this video is absolutely amazing! Freya's method of explaining math concepts for game development is truly brilliant. The way she presents the material is so clear, concise, and easy to understand. The examples and visuals used throughout the video were incredibly helpful in solidifying my understanding of the subject matter. I can't thank you enough for sharing this valuable resource, Freya. You are a gifted educator, and I look forward to watching more of your videos in the future. Keep up the fantastic work!

  4. Hi there, What exactly is this? And what are the examples of its uses?

  5. 1. Your video is awesome. 2. your are so cute.

  6. .: personally, I think AI art will separate the real artist from the mediocre, human-created art will become more valuable and not obsolete in the rampant AI art world, although AI art is the way forward for humanity technologically-wise, so don't worry about it! :.

  7. So are you a female or a male? I can't tell.

  8. Hi Freya , cant thank enough for these videos — i am just about to start watching this series , should i watch Math For Game Devs (2020) before this ?

  9. I wish you all the best for your work. 😘

  10. Very nice of you to put all this effort teaching this ❤!

  11. pertaining to ai art 3:45:02 , I don't see anything wrong with using it as a final composition, but only if trained on artwork that's been approved and it's delineated as ai artwork. Other great use cases can also be just to find inspiration for your own works, story boarding, concept art, etc.

    A more specific example: imagine being a solo game dev that's total shit at art. You generate some stuff that fits close to what you imagined in your head, then you send that out to a commission artist so they can give you a final product that you would more likely to be happy with than what you might have wrote or said to them in a description of what you wanted.

    Your arguments against it are still sound though imo.

  12. thank you so much.❤ If possible, please share the slides with us.

  13. bruh, if a government or company wants to do something with AI they gunna do it regardless of who it hurts cuz guess what, morality is increasingly getting throw out the window. whether you like AI or ot, having it in the hands of the people, allows us to better understand the machine learning robot itself. but my 2 cents ig

  14. Hello thank you for creating videos like this. I am an upcoming college student who will take this course and I am very bad at math and I am scared to lose my scholarship that I acquired if I fail math that is why I am thankful for you for making these for free

  15. Hey,

    I was always interested in game dev maths that was needed forbthe programming and rendering set ups.

    You built up the information very well from the basics.

    Might I ask you a personal question?

    Do you happen to have Hungarian ancestors? When I saw your username I had the feeling that it looked Hungarian.

    Thank you for your answer!

  16. I woke up to this. I left a crochet vid one to fall asleep but this also good

  17. if i suck at math can I still become a game dev

  18. Ngl i am a dumbass after i watched all the streams i started getting better grade lol

  19. As a dev, you need calculus to do what I do love. 😉

  20. Hey Freya Holmer why not write math book for gamedevelopment

  21. Lol at YouTube UX with not being able to find the superchats. Idk why but YouTube has a really bad UX in the app and I guess on desktop with live chat too.

  22. very well. I want to teach like this . so very clear exercise

  23. I cannot believe what I am seeing it with my eyes! LOOL TY SO MUCH!

  24. Yt only just now recommended this. Stupid algo. At least I see it now

  25. Great information and some interesting ways to explain. Thank you very much.
    Inget e' som gamla Svedala !

  26. If my math teachers in middle/high school were lovely people who love cats, I would be a math genius by now

    I never developed anything, but suddenly had an idea that would make a great game for my final project in college, so I decided to take in the challenge. I’m sure your content will literally save my life. I haven’t even watched an hour of it yet and I already love your way of teaching, I can’t believe you’re putting all this out for free! Thank you so much for all this, Freya. +1 sub!

  27. What university let you own your likeness and lectures?

  28. ・日本人が反論してきたら、大きな声で怒鳴りつけろ。

  29. I wat to let you know that you have reached your target audience. Just found your channel while learning how to write custom shaders in Flutter(its a UI Toolkit) and while I was also looking for math, I found your channel! Keep it up for all the amazing work you have done!

  30. Is it a good playlist for programmers that are new in the gaming world and have a basic knowledge of math ?

  31. Skeleton_craft Gamming (the skeleton king) says:

    I would argue , like calculus, imaginary numbers are used to very frequently. If you're designing your own physics engine. But especially imaginary numbers are used a lot by people. It's just abstracted into functions.

  32. Skeleton_craft Gamming (the skeleton king) says:

    The real numbers are just vectors of order one

  33. I think tour right using YouTube vs Twitch! 👍👍👍👍

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