Math Game: Savvy Subitizing -

Math Game: Savvy Subitizing

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Great game to build subitizing and One More & Less for Kindergarten through 3rd grade. You can get the free download for the cards and directions here: or purchase pre-made sets of cards here:

You can use them in place of a normal deck of cards. So any card game you currently play with your students, just switch out the normal deck of cards and start playing the game with the Savvy Subitizing Cards. They can even be used as flashcards that you ask the kids how many on a card as they head out the door for recess.


  1. What if no one has a one? What do you do?

  2. Perfect for math centers partnered with whole group subitizing Number Talks! Love it!

  3. Can you please tell where to buy those cards

  4. Where can we purchase these cards? Thank you.

  5. Great game for homeschooling families as well

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