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Math Games for Kids – Kids Math

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Math Games for Kids is an award-winning math learning app for 4, 5 and 6 year olds packed with 180+ math learning games. They provide a cool and interactive way to start your kids’ and toddlers’ journey in the world of math. Featured as one of the ‘Best Toddler Apps’ by Educational App Store.

Kindergartners, preschoolers and toddlers are always eager to learn numbers, counting & shapes. The app is a complete math learning program with cool math games where kids can learn addition, subtraction and more!

Kids Math – Math Games for Kids features diverse kids math games with cutely animated cartoons like dinos & monsters, which toddlers and 4, 5 and 6 year olds are going to love! It will develop and improve their math skills, identify each number and solve cool math puzzles of addition & subtraction.

Kindergarten and preschool kids can learn shapes such as square, circle, triangle with popping, tracing numbers and matching through Kids Math – Math Games for Kids. 4, 5 and 6 year olds will have a great time learning numbers from 1-100 with a variety of cool kids math games.

Basic Concepts included in Kids Math – Math Games for Kids:
🔢 Number Sense: Learn the numbers!
🔺 Geometry: Learn the basic shapes!
🎈 Counting: Learn to count up to 100!
🥝 Categorizing: Learn to sort and categorize in groups!
💠 Comparison: Compare objects based on their properties!
🎯 Patterns: Learn to recognize and identify!
➗ Math Skills: Learn addition & subtraction!

🔢 Number Sense
Learn the numbers by playing fun games such as shooting, popping, join the dots, coloring and more. Advance throughout different levels.

🔺 Geometry
Learn the basic shapes with a vast variety of fun puzzle games, matching games, and other fun math activities.

🎈 Counting
Learn to count candies, balloons, eggs, fruits! This version contains an exclusive fun Santa game too!

🥝 Categorizing
Learn to sort and categorize diverse items and objects by colors, shapes, animals, vehicles, and fruits.

💠 Comparison
Compare objects based on their properties such as long, short, big, small, heavy, light and much more!

🎯 Patterns
Learn to identify different patterns with fun games and activities specially made for preschool and kindergarten kids.

➗ Math Skills
Learn addition & subtraction! Have fun with educational games & cute cartoons.

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🐶🐱🦄 The perfect way of learning the numbers, to count and develop your preschool or kindergarten kid’s skills through Kids Math – Math Games for Kids! 🐶🐱🦄

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