Math Games Made Digital for Remote Learning (Part 1) - With Free Templates -

Math Games Made Digital for Remote Learning (Part 1) – With Free Templates

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In this video, you’ll learn the importance of using math games in the classroom, gain inspiration for creating your own math games, and use my templates to start your math gaming journey in your remote classroom. This video shares the first 9 ideas of digital and physical math games that you can incorporate in your math classroom. This is ideal for remote/distance learning or homeschooling. You can teach your students how to use these games during remote learning, then take them with you when you go back into the classroom! Learning through games and strategy is one of the key ways to get students engaged and to love learning math!

Physical games discussed in this video
* Prime Climb

* 24 (Physical Math Game)

* Math Dice Jr.

* Jenga (This is the cheapest I could find on Amazon (4.99) – However, I got mine at Dollar Tree)

If you are interested in a specific template that you saw, please email me or DM me on Instagram. My information is below.

Email for templates: [email protected]
Instagram Name: MathDojo3
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