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Math & Movement

Suzy Koontz
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  1. Looks like you're teaching the skip counting concept❤

  2. This is more for adults to feel creative than for children to learn. These kids are too old to be counting by ones. This is why math and reading/writing scores are abhorrent in America.

  3. I am a teacher and I salute this lady from the core of my heart ❤️

  4. I love how you are getting the left and right hemispheres of the brain engaged in this activity and linking it to maths!!! (Australian, hence the spelling).

  5. Hi I need example of movement in Time concept, money concept and calendar concept. Please help me out

  6. @misbahwaqar8758 have you thought about using angles and time as movement? Get the students to all face in the same direction; call this 12:00/0 degress; then, for example, say turn through 120 degrees; what time are you now facing? or say, turn to 12:45; how many degress have you turned through?

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