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Math Online Classes | Math games| kids math | Math online classes | online Math games for kids

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Do you know why students are scared of Mathematics ?

Its because math is not interesting, math is not fun and math is barely relatable.
I am Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash and i am world’s fastest human calculator and in my journey of becoming so and talking to millions of students across the world,i have learnt a very very important thing that every student out there is capable of loving and learning mathematics when math is more than a subject, when math is an experience.

With Fun story narratives at Exploring Infinities, we have been sparking math curiosity and making every child out there understand math in its truest form.With over 1000 children of the age 6 to 16 who are part of our experiential math learning programs, we have seen they become 4 times quicker and better at math and have thrown out math phobia forever.

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  1. Sir said about how to do fast calculate please sir said about this topic

  2. This is very expensive and hard to join by middle class family.Business for money , no opportunity for intelligent middle class students

  3. Anna Naku maths ante fear kani mpc thiskunna m cheyali anna maths paina fear povali ante m cheyali

  4. My age is 26…preparing for competitive exams…poor at maths…from childhood onwards… ఏ మాథ్స్ టీచర్ కూడా…నాకు sync అవలేదు…వాళ్ళు కూడా ఎప్పుడు కొట్టడం తో నే సరిపోయింది…నాకు ఇప్పుడు మాథ్స్ బేసిక్స్ నుంచి కావాలి అన్న…si exam lo general studies paper lo 200 ki 140- 150 మధ్య మధ్యలో మార్క్స్ వస్తాయి…మాథ్స్ కి వచ్చే సరికి 80 to 90 వస్తాయి..ఈ want to change this…situation…please give me a way…

  5. Sir plz tell me about abcus and what is the best between abacus and vedic maths ?

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