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Math Shooter! – Math Games (Freeplay, Original)

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A Math Gun! Makes increments and decrements in your followers. Understand the operation and choose the best option for the numbers. Get the highest number of followers at the end!
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If you are a perfect mathematician and you have to shoot, could you shoot correctly?
If you shoot correctly your follower will be increased. If you shoot wrong your follower will be decreased.
You are a runner with a math gun. In this gun, there are four basic mathematic operations.

– Addition
– Subtraction
– Multiplication
– Division

There is an uncompleted operation at the gate. The numbers are 15 and 10. In the gun, there are two options. Multiplication and Subtraction. If you could choose multiplication your followers will be 150 more than before the gate. If you choose subtraction your followers will be 5 more than before the gate.

There are some trick questions on the gates. The numbers are 88 and 0. This time if you choose multiplication again you will have 0 as a result. You have to choose addition this time to get 88 as a result.
So, take all your attention. You must understand and respond as quickly as possible.

Be Careful! If your result is minus your followers will be decreased and will be lower than before gates!

You can see your path at the top. You can see how many people follow you at the left top.
Can you get the highest number of followers at the end?
Looking for some fun and smart? Then Math Shooter game is the best game for you!
Download it, play it, try it, we promise you will like it! You cannot resist yourself to play this game.


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  1. Is this actually available on Android?

  2. Been trying to download this game I can't find direct link

  3. the yellow guy in the game has a gun to push the glass but it did not work or maybe infinty human go next

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