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Mathematical Games Inside the Classroom

Build Math Minds
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The teaching and learning of math has become more of a chore than a joy. My guest today is very passionate about helping educators see that Play is the Engine of Learning.

I’m Christina Tondevold, The Recovering Traditionalist, and I hope you will stick around as we learn from Dan Finkel about Mathematical Games Inside the Classroom in our quest to Build our own Math Minds so we can Build the Math Minds of our kiddos.

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  1. 1. choice 2. math is the engine 3, simple to learn and easy to play. thank you!

  2. Games are my go-to resource for math! If I can turn something (a practice activity, worksheet, number sense building) into a game, I do it! All the hearts for math games!

  3. In every mathematical content there is always thing related to some aspect of game…

  4. I love this! I loved hearing your thoughts about a lot of games being a game and ten having to stop to do math!! This seems like a very simple yet good game to try next year!

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