Mental Math Games - Raccoon Race (Music Only) -

Mental Math Games – Raccoon Race (Music Only)

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All music from the game can be found here:

Mental Math Games is an old game suite by the Waterford Institute that I recently rediscovered. This clip is my favorite part of the suite; it is the reward for passing all of the speed math tests. Unfortunately, Rusty Raccoon stops just short of entering the treehouse due to some glitch in the game. This video is the Music Only version.



    me and my brother brought back some old memories ,


  2. I've been looking for this game forever, so nostalgic

  3. I was very addicted to this game when I was in grade 5 or 6. My favourite games were Fraction Fish, Mental Blocks and one that navigates a rocket. I played those in a math tutoring centre and achieved the highest score! The other kids there were just as addicted as I was (we enjoyed competing against each other). I still want to play it even though I'm an adult…it brings back memories.

  4. thank you so much for posting this! i had so many memories playing this as a child, and was unable to find it anywhere–it seems to be somewhat lesser-know. 🙂

  5. My favorite was the maze game and tipping ducks that played an old ragtime classic to the background.

  6. Will you do the music of the maze levels as I remember when I was little I liked it but don't remember the tunes. 🙁 Also the duck one is a good one too.

  7. We have the game but cannot get it (The sound) to work even on our old Win 98 computer and Dad thinks it is because the game is looking for SB16 which we no longer have and the slots are not built for it or something like that which Dad told me.

    We tried a lot of the sound drivers and none made sound for the game! 🙁

  8. Thanks! Would you like me to send you the NES soundfont I found also?

  9. So you have that NES soundfont that's floating around? What do you think of it? I like it but I can't help feeling there is something missing when it comes to *True* accuracy of the sound.

  10. Have you noticed this game is one of the few education games that have full length music tracks? Most kid games in general have very short samples for reasons I am not sure why but this game decided to pull out the stops.

    The duck gallery game for example that music track called Entertainer midi is over two minutes long before looping which is a very long time for a kids game in the early 90s. Most kid games were 30 to 50 seconds long.

  11. How come no one has made a complete SNES soundfont using the spc700 chip? One called Setzers SPC soundfont and another called Squaresoft claims to taken samples from popular games but a lot of important instruments are missing and I feel the reverb is off.

  12. I have the game on six floppy discs.. but they dont work properly anymore

  13. If any of you are wondering what the god damn name to the song is it's the finale from Rossini: William Tell Overture You are welcome, took me 3 hours to find it. Google is beginning to suck.

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