Move 1 and Solve Matchstick Puzzles with @MindYourLogic #shorts -

Move 1 and Solve Matchstick Puzzles with @MindYourLogic #shorts

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Fun, Masti and lots of riddles! Our team at MindYourLogic solves several types of puzzles in each video and find out how smart they are!

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These enjoyable riddle exercises are perfect, not only for us but also give you the chance to test and improve your IQ!

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So, are you ready to find out – Whats Your IQ?



  1. If we make 6 to 0 we get answer

  2. Because 8 – 4 = 4 so six sticks move karo aur use 8 banaa do plus ko uthakar aur Plus ki jagah mines ho jaega to mines Mein 4 hoga so isliye 8 mein se -4 hoga to 4 answer aaega

  3. Your vice same to ditective mehul😮😮😊

  4. yeh ek or tarike se ho sakta tha 0+4=4 ❤❤

  5. Plus ➕ ki ek stick move karke 6 me add kardena hai aa gaya answer 8-4 =4 answer

  6. Agar ham Plas wala ki bich wali dandi hata kar six ma laga da to 8-4=4

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