Move only 1 stick to make equation correct, Matchstick puzzle ✔ -

Move only 1 stick to make equation correct, Matchstick puzzle ✔

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Move only 1 stick to make equation 1-2=7 correct, Matchstick puzzle ✔✔

In this video, you’ll watch 5 matchstick puzzles with answers, If you need some extra time to solve pause the video. 6th puzzle is for practice, just comment your answer.

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You will watch answer of these matchstick puzzle in this video.

1) matchstick puzzle 1-1=9
2) matchstick puzzle 3-4=1
3) matchstick puzzle 0-3=6
4) matchstick puzzle 3+4=9
5) matchstick puzzle 1-2=7

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  1. For the 0-3 equation, if nobody else has said this, you could turn the 0 into a 3 by moving the top left stick to the middle, and the bottom left stick to the minus sign to make a plus sign to make the equation: 3 + 3 = 6

  2. No. 3 8 – 3 = 5
    No. 5 tricky as usual (note: If you guys who like doing these if you see 'extra' room after the = sign that's your clue!)

  3. I never thought about negative numbers there but now I can think out of the box :p

  4. Poor grammar is perhaps a clue to the puzzle. Call me a perfectionist if you like but I see mistake number one 2 stick should the a plural as in "sticks", The second there is the "the" missing in "to make equation correct" The third we don't normally write capital in every word and emit full stops. Rewriting with the grammar rules, we have. Move 2 sticks to make the equation correct. From what I can see just by shifting the middle match vertically makes one takeaway one equals naught. The grammar is a classic example of the kind of thing we find in fraudulent emails .

  5. at the first the 1 level 1-1=9 you can turn it into 0 so 1-1=0

  6. Take and move the + to – and add it to the 3 to make it 9 , 9-2=7

  7. On the last one just take the stick on the upper right side from the 3 slide it to the other side making it a 5 now the equation reads 5 + 2 = 7 haha

  8. I notice many on screen page are impossible. That way, you'll click on to see the answer, which is not there. This was they get credit for a hit.

  9. 5+2=7 move the number threes 1 stick and it will change as 5

  10. For number 2, you can move a stick from the equals symbol to the subtraction symbol to make 3=4-1

  11. The very first 'test' moves 2 sticks…. 🤦‍♂

  12. Marcel Dekker - Chief Native Zaanstreek says:

    LOL.. before take much drugs or alcohol. as extra hurdle.

  13. Carry one stick from + and put it on 3 you get 9-2=7

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