My Favorite Math Warm Ups for 1st Grade // math activities for first grade - FAVORITES! -

My Favorite Math Warm Ups for 1st Grade // math activities for first grade – FAVORITES!

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Check out some of my FAVORITE math warm ups for a first grade classroom! This video includes 4 different warm ups to use at the beginning of your math block, including a brand new game called Make 11! Watch how to learn how to play 🙂

Buzz Game:
Fix it Cards on TPT:

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If you happen to use any of these games in your classroom, leave a comment below and let me know how they go! 🙂 Also, if you share any of the games from Susan’s Sunday Spotlight, please tag me on instagram @susanjonesteaching so I can see!! You can also use the hashtag: #susanssundayspotlight


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You can see tons of other games for first grade students below!
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  1. Hi Susan! I just saw your warm ups and I loved them! Will use them in class.

  2. Hello Susan! Thank you so much for your content, it has been helpful to me!! Please do you have any idea about teaching Number lines of Hundreds to 2nd Grade kids? I'm struggling with the planning right now 😩

  3. Thank you so much I am a parent my dd enjoys the game make 11 a lot

  4. Hi Susan! I am loving your Sunday series! I especially appreciate the "grab and go" aspect of it. It's so great to start the week with a new game that I can get excited about and get my students excited about. I have some super high flyers in my first grade class (about 4). It would be terrific is you had some phonics games for a small group that I could share with them. Also, if you had some games for capitalization and punctuation, I would LOVE it. I have sooo many students who learned to start sentences with capitals and use an end mark at the end all last year and all this year and still don't do it!!! Maybe putting it in a game format would help with that. Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks, Susan. Great warm-ups…quick and easy and fun. You mentioned a link to the cards (in case we didn't want to make our own 'wrong' cards), but I couldn't find the link for those cards. Will you email it to me? Thanks!

  6. Wow! I enjoy receiving your videos in my inbox and am always excited about implementing your ideas the next day! I was wondering if you could send me a copy of your Fix It cards as I didn't see the link you were referring to. Thanks again for sharing your expertise!

  7. Thanks for sharing, they are going straight to my teaching toolbox.

  8. Thank you it's gonna help me
    In India😊😊😊😊

  9. I bought the same whiteboard and i am having the most difficult time cleaning it. Please share what markers and cleaner you use, because i am scrubbing it each time. It will not work with teaching. Its horrible.

  10. Please help me with the Math game called "King of the castle" – it's usually played within the class room

  11. My students are driving me crazy about the game and I don't know anything about it

  12. Love your ideas! I cannot find the links to get the freebies. I am suscribed, rang the bell, and gave you a thumbs a girl out?

  13. Its a maths day in my school and i'm appointed to do something. I am confused what best can I do being in 11th standard. (Senior high school)

  14. Where are the links for the games? Thanks much!!

  15. Thank you for sharing these games. My Kindergarten students love them.

  16. Found this extremely helpful. Gonna try it out. Subscribed😀

  17. For the mix and match game what common core state standard would it fall under? I am currently a sophomore in college and have to complete this activity for my class. I am just wondering what category you would say this goes under?

  18. Wow, totally loved these ideas. Thank you so much!

  19. Is there a specific reason you have the students make 11? My initial thinking is that 10 would be better since it’s an anchor number.

  20. Hi Susan, I am a researcher in Birmingham, and I prepared a project based on game-based learning to increase disadvantaged students' math and science. I really need your opinions about how I can do effective teaching activities in math and science. Can we chat by email or if you have time to do a zoom call, please? If you help me out with the projects, I will be appreciated it? Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best

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