My Favourite GameDev Math Book is Now FREE! -

My Favourite GameDev Math Book is Now FREE!

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Hands down the most readable book I’ve ever encountered for learning math for game development is now free online. 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development by Fletcher Dunn and Ian Parbery is now free. If you like the book, give @ZPostFacto a shout out on Twitter.


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  1. Front…. I think it's a purple master chief

  2. I think the purple monster in the back is supposed to be Ridley from Metroid?

  3. Mario is really chill, probably used a star powerup just befor class so he can get through the math tests unscathed.

  4. This is awesome news as I suck at math nowadays (I was an Algebra person as a student and loved it) so being that I am designing and trying …mostly trying to make a small game I need this. Cheers!

  5. Leonard Euler was a swiss mathematician, so his name is pronounced the (swiss) german way. And you did a good job at pronouncing it 😄

  6. Great bookmark to have, if nothing more than to be able to give to someone else that may need the help. Kudos to Mr Dunn, and you as well Mike for helping to get the info out there so more can see 🙂

  7. Purple Front is I believe Isaac from Dead Space

  8. I got the first edition on my bookshelf. really good book ( I actually used it!)

  9. I can't wait to read the first chapter of this book, pat myself on the back for "learning", and then never read it again.

  10. You should make a video on list of all free softwares for game development…..
    Really helps everyone

  11. That is Jill, I think that's either Masterchief or Doomguy colored purple. The bottom left purple appears to be Ridley from Metroid in an art style close to the original art style.

  12. I'm pretty sure the one you said to be Mario is supposed to be Red/Pokemon trainer.

  13. Thanks a lot Mike! I'm pretty happy to find these kind of resources.

  14. You can turn off dark mode with the icon in the upper right!

  15. This is actually perfect for me because I never got into the higher maths that are necessary for the cooler bits of gamedev.

  16. I found it funny to see the United Statian classroom with almost all Japanese characters

  17. ah, website down — I guess too many visitors

  18. I cannot express how much I LOVE this book. It goes over most about everything you'll need to have a good start with game dev maths. Plus, the explanation for both Quaternions and Homogenous Transformation Matrix (that to represent Translation in 3d space, you can skew/shear 4D space, and that is a linear transformation of 4d) really are the best I've read.

  19. I guess I lucked out by getting the physical copy at my local library. I think I paid $1 or it was free.

  20. I still pronounce it YOU-LAR 🙂
    So… BEZ-EE-ER or BEE-ZEE-ER curves?
    Anyway, thanks for this, I need help with the math things, only just started using Vector Dot product!

  21. Dont have to watch this. Just thumbs up and downloading. Thanks, Mike

  22. I would rather download a PDF than to have to remember to use my browser.

  23. There's also the Tetris block on the left.

    Thanks for the review, definitely checking this book out!

  24. "[..] makes it a heck of a lot more readable", I'm blind

  25. Euler isn't pronounces Uler, because the two characters EU together have a special meaning in German. The most typical word is Eule (Owl), which is pronounced Oil'a as well.

  26. Love finding new math books. Especially to pass on to kids or brush up on something I find a fresh book an enjoyable way. Thank you for this gem! Your winning.

  27. which there is a e-book version than a website

  28. Is it possible to find a download of it in an epub, mobi format?

  29. we sure bottom right isnt Old solid snake? MGS 5

  30. 2011? That math is way old by now. It's not like we are still using math from the 1400s on a daily basis.

  31. I own a physical copy of this book and it was worth every penny.

  32. I love the First line in the introduction "First things first, but not necessarily in that order.
    — Doctor Who from Meglos (1980)"

  33. Kindly take your time when talking, you rush the words too much.

  34. Already got the physical copy of it, but it is awesome to see that it´s free now 😀

  35. Purple dude in the front is from jak & daxter series.

  36. I'm less annoyed about Euler not being pronounced "yooler" than I am about Euclid not being pronounced "oiclid." ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  37. Purple on first row .. Megaman?
    The squid… I have Nooooo idea….

  38. The purple one behind Megaman looks like a Zerg Hydralisk from Starcraft and maybe the purple one in front is Samus' Gravity Suit from Super Metroid

  39. Thank you so much for sharing this! I found you through your LibGDX web tutorials :]

  40. Is this book fine for learning the necessary math if I only want to learn for 2d games? Or is there perhaps a better book for just 2d ?

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