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N Step Steve part 1 Walkthrough Cool Math Games

Puzzle Walkthrough
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The cat can walk a strictly defined number of moves. You can increase or decrease the number of moves by stepping on special tiles with dots. In the game, you need to save several cats (or a goat) and, if you wish, collect stars. It is difficult to collect stars. Some stars are very difficult to collect. The game has a bunch of different mechanics, which, when combined, further complicate the gameplay. To get into the secret memorial and jump into the portal together with another cat, you will need to collect them all. The walkthrough is long and very bad, but I can’t go through a second time, but at least you can roughly understand what needs to be done.


  1. I'm so conflicted about this video. It IS 3 hours of watching you work, and you understand it's difficult to follow. On the other hand, I do really like puzzle games, and as frustrating as it can be when I'm stuck on them, something is ruined when I look up the solution. So, this video is a good middle ground. It taught me new mechanics I didn't realise were part of the game, and it felt a little like we were figuring out solutions together. So, thanks, OP, for helping me finish this DANG GAME.The creator just uploaded this game on Newgrounds, so on the off chance some new crowd of people find this vid and take a peek at the comments, here are a few mechanics I didn't realise were in effect for a good chunk of the game:- Use Z to undo. Even from before you've greyed out. The undo is VERY robust.- Sometimes you need to go backwards.- If you have TWO (or more) pink checkpoint flags active, a character will respawn on death at each active flag. You can use this to slowly, tediously multiply your cats. Careful, though, they can all grey out independently of each other.- Pushed boulders can move flags, other boulders, and grey cats cats.- Some entrances to rooms have more than one entry point. If a doorway has 2 empty squares, it has two possible entry points. In fact, sometimes the entire side of the level is a doorway. If multiple cats enter a room at the same time, they all go to the next room together.- You don't have to survive after you get a star. You don't even need to be alive when you get there. You just need to touch it.- If you're like me, you may have gotten the star at the bottom of the ice square room (the top-left teleporter) before getting every other star in the game. You may have, as a result, experienced extreme despair as a result of this. It's fine. All that matters is that you got the star.

  2. love how the solution to the first ice part is just "poof you're done"

  3. This walkthrough is just plain garbage. You keep failing and undoing your moves and it is nearly impossible to follow. And the way the sound isn't in sync with the video doesn't help at all.

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