Number Facts for Kids - Numbers 1-10 - Math Games -

Number Facts for Kids – Numbers 1-10 – Math Games

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There are lots of number facts for kids and in this lesson the facts we are going to provide the kids with are related to number 10. Delivering these facts in the form of math games is helpful and it makes it easier for the kids to grasp the whole idea.

Number 10 is the result of different mathematical equations done in math and these are the facts that we want the kids to grasp. There are lots of math games that could be used to deliver these facts, but we always believe that using the kids hands is considered the most useful because they will feel more personal while counting.

Getting colored paper for drawing the hands, glue, and a pencil are all the essential needs for playing this game and educating the kids to count and learning the different equations that could eventually take us to number 10.

At the beginning, let the kid place his hands on the paper and make an outline around them, it the kids could do it then you could let them take the lead to make it more interesting. Once the two hands with the fingers are drawn on the paper, cut them out and stick them on the other paper from the wrists while leaving the rest of the fingers not stuck to the paper, and finally start playing the game with the kids.

The whole idea behind this math game is to teach the kids addition and counting through the fingers that the kid and the parent have created. The reason behind leaving the fingers without sticking them to the paper is to bend them through the process of counting. Start with bending one finger and then ask the kid to count the number of fingers not bent down and add them to the one they have bent, this will end up giving them the number 10 and will also teach them to count and to add ().

Keep going through the same steps and let the kids be the ones leading the game, ask them to increase the number of finger they are bending every single time and then create the equation which will give them number 10 as the final answer in the end. They will need to go through all the fingers and will create different equations, such as:
1 + 9 = 10
2 + 8 = 10
3 + 7 = 10
4 + 6 = 10
5 + 5 = 10
6 + 4 = 10
7 + 3 = 10
8 + 2 = 10
9 + 1 = 10

Every single time the kid forms an equation to solve in order to bring number 10 as the final answer, ask the kid to write this equation down on paper as some kind of number recognition process () to keep recognizing the numbers. So it will end up being a lesson to teach the kids to count, know how to add and learn to write the numbers down.

Always get creative when it comes to teaching the kids a new lesson related to math, because the more it all turns out to be a challenge, the more they will be willing to find the answer and ask for repeating the same game but in a different way ().

There are different games that could be easily done with some tools found at home, such as paper and pen, which means that getting creative could be easily done at home, it needs no special tools or things to be placed and found.

Lego blocks () and play-doh () are also from the lovable toys or games that kids depend on when they are learning because aren’t they from the things that we all love to have at home?

Addition is one of the initial things learned in the world of math when it comes to kids, just after they learn the numbers and know the right order for them, in other words, after they learn how to count, then comes the other mathematical operations.

What do you think of this educational video done to teach the kids math and let them know how to add? Did your kids manage to know some of the facts related to number 10? Are there any other creative math games which your kids love to play in order to learn counting and addition from?

Enjoy watching this video about number facts for kids and let us hear back from you about how effective it all turned out to be and whether your kids ended up learning some of the facts related to number 10 or else failed!

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