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Osmo math games for Child Education!

The Ninja Fam!
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Comment below who you think we should give the $10,000 dollars to, and why!?
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  1. My family and me I need $10,000 I love yours and the videos

  2. Awesome that’s gonna be so fun!! I love u guys! Ur so awesome 😎

  3. Holy cow I didn’t know that Kayson was adopted

  4. my favourite ninja kid iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis Paxton

  5. my mother is fostering and she needs the money

  6. I know that Africa has problems with education, i dont know any chartities though

  7. gave it to me no I am joking you should give it to a homeless shelter

  8. You should give it to a school in Lowndes devices

  9. Please we need it we watch all your vid

  10. Guys a couple of days ago I dreamed about meeting you at some house and I loved it

  11. Family and because they maybe need it so the mite have kid, s

  12. hi my name is judy I have been watching ninja kidz from 1 year

  13. I think we should send 10,000 dollars to St. Jude Children Research Hospital because they help bad diseases

  14. Hi love Ninja 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😘😘😍😍😘😍😍😍

  15. so will you do another give away

  16. You should give it to a school that really needs help or there's a school around here that will I live that is called Mitchell's mustangs so you should donated it to that school I think they really need help

  17. I really appreciate you guys I was wondering if I could be the 2 person to go-to your guys house please and thank you I really think you guys are super cool

  18. This entire first one remember that you did a sponsor video of The x-shot Fast films

  19. Hey guys I'm callie my dad used to work for you his name is Shane

  20. I think you should give it to me in ghana in west africa

  21. OMG I'm a big fan of you guys I tried doing backflips by cave landing on my back LOL

  22. You guys should save some money so you can pay the bills but you should spend this much money 1,000

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